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Erotic Blueprint Quiz

Learn your Primary Erotic Blueprint!

Get all the juicy details of your Erotic Blueprint Type

and personalized Pleasure Profile!

Take your first sexy step toward breaking through incompatibility, enjoying orgasmic frequency, and being turned on for life with The Erotic Blueprint Quiz™

Psychology Patient

Clarity Sessions

1:1 Sessions | 90 mins | $150/session
One-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions are for moving out of confusion, clearing emotional blocks, and defining outcomes and next steps.

Psst - This is a great way to see experience my style before stepping into one of the programs I offer. 

Erotic Expansion
Erotic Blueprint™

Individual or Couples | 6 - 12 month Program 
Transform your relationship with pleasure and level up your sex life.

Take your relationship from good to HOT. 

I’ve brought several amazing, powerful modalities together, including Emotional Clearing (The Spiral), NLP, traditional coaching, and now Erotic Blueprint™ to create a unique program to bring your sexy, sensual self in a safe, loving process. I layer in years of experience and all my tools. It's effective, lasting, and life-changing!

I work with individuals and couples for amazing, transformational outcomes. 

Over the course of our work together we will:

- Discover your Erotic Blueprint in depth
- Set the foundations for sexy success with your blueprint and in your relationship
- Learn how to feed your unique blueprint and your current or future partner’s blueprint
- Learn how to speak your blueprint and your current or fu
ture partner’s blueprint
- Discover the shadows of your blueprints and do healing in those areas
- Learn how to expand your blueprints to experience even more pleasure
- Set you up for Hot Sex for a lifetime!
Image by Michael Coury

Forward Momentum Coaching

3  90-min Sessions | Support Between Sessions | $400

Focusing on a desired outcome or goal, we work through your mental and emotional blocks to move you forward toward achieving the desired outcome.  This is a great option for someone who is facing something challenging and wants support and guidance with proven tools and methods to make progress or let go of a pattern that is holding you back. 


I may use any combination of coaching, emotional clearing, NLP, and other techniques I am trained in as we work together in these sessions.

I will also be available in between sessions via Marco Polo for support and accountability. 

Includes: 3 90-minute one-on-one sessions with me and support via Marco Polo app.

The Spiral is a series of 22 emotional clears to move out programming and baggage that old you back from being your most powerful self.  Over 9 sessions we will clear these emotions starting from the lowest to the highest frequency utilizing techniques based in Spiral Dynamics, NLP, the Chakra system, and Kinesiology.  

In this process, natural strengths surface and unconscious limitations are brought to awareness for release.  The Spiral is not intended to change you, it is intended to remove the things that are not you, giving you the freedom to be your most authentic self.  I've worked with over 25 people in this way and consistently see positive impact and transformation. Payment plans are available.

The Spiral

 1:1 Virtual Sessions | 9  90-min Sessions | $2500

The Aligned Leader

VIP Level | Daily Support | Customized per Person | Limited Seats

The Aligned Leader is a high-touch, VIP style, 1:1 coaching program that I customize to your vision and needs.  It's powerful, high support, and I especially LOVE working with people this way because we make amazing things happen and create sustainable shifts in your life, business, and relationships. 

This isn't for everyone. It's a commitment.

We get crystal clear on your intentions and desired outcomes and customize the length and intensity of the program.  I am in touch with my Aligned Leader clients almost daily. We have deep-dive sessions regularly - either weekly or bi-weekly.  I'm your support, your cheerleader, your accountability, and I tell you the truth even if it's a bit hard to hear.  It's part leadership development coach, part life coach, and I bring my intuitive abilities to the table as well! 

This is special. I can't wait to talk to you. Application required. 

Application required
Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Intuitive Readings

60 mins | $120
I utilize Tarot, other tools, and my intuitive gifts during these sessions. I have studied and practiced Tarot for over 20 years. My readings are personal and provide you with insight to whatever you bring to the reading. This is for deep clarity, cosmic truth bombs, and divine guidance (not for spiritual entertainment). 

I recommend having some questions in mind, but I am open to general readings.
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