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Meet Amanda

After 20 years in Corporate America doing Organizational and Leadership Development I resigned from my high-profile corporate job at a high-tech retail giant, moved to a small town in Wyoming, and completely reset my lifestyle.  That was years ago and I'm a healthier, happier person for it! It wasn't easy, but definitely worth it. 


As my coaching practice developed, I have done consulting work for a number of businesses locally and remotely. I continue to hold business consulting roles alongside my coaching practice. I have realized that I get to do BOTH and I enjoy having roles in larger businesses as much as I do coaching.


I have combined my formal Coaching Training in Intimacy/Relationships and Emotional Resonance Clearing with my expertise in business, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and energy work. 

I specialize in alchemizing the shadow aspects to initiate healing, self-confidence and transformation in any area of life for my clients. I guide you in the release old mental conditioning and blocks through emotional resonance clearing techniques, NLP,  and focused coaching to move you out of stuckness and into the life you desire.


Be it your career, your relationships, your sex life, or your self-confidence... we can work at the root issues to enhance all of them. 

My style is a balance of empathy and fierceness, safety and accountability.  I provide the framework for change, integration and support through the transformation. 

In organizations, I bring structure to chaos and build effective communication. I am a natural leader and have a genius in culture and community.

I am a mom to a rambunctious, sporty 8-year-old. I love coffee, car karaoke, travel, and exploring the outdoors. 

In 2024 I launched a Podcast called With the Lights On!  It's a passion project. Listen on Spotify! 

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