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Meet Amanda

Coach, Consultant, Intuitive

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Amanda Monk Coaching

Amanda Monk is a Transformational Coach specializing in Sexuality, Communication and Emotional Release.


After 20 years in Organizational and Leadership Development in Corporate, she created her own practice combining her Erotic Blueprint Coach training with her expertise and certifications in business, communications, emotional clearing and energy work. 


She specializes in alchemizing shame and shadow aspects to initiate healing, self-confidence, and transformation in any area of life for her clients. She works with men and women individually, in group programs, and leads retreats. In organizations, she brings structure to chaos, innovation, and nurtures community. 


What I Specialize In

Sex & Intimacy Coaching







Outcome focused


My job as a coach isn't to teach you how to be or to change you. It's to help you release everything that is not you, be a mirror to show you your whole self and support you through the transformation.

" You are an amazing coach and intuitive. You absolutely have the knowledge and abilities to create major shifts. "

- Tia Styles

"You are empathetically nurturing and that creates a sense of safety while you simultaneously keep the client grounded in truth and self-responsibility."

- K. M. 

" Amanda is the best coach around! Definitely get in touch if you are needing some balance in your life! "

- Lanette Ferguson

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